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Lindborg Open: Karpov School, December 17, 2016

                           16th Annual Lindsborg Open December 17th, 2016

Where: at the Anatoly Karpov Int. School of Chess 106 S. Main St.; Lindsborg, KS 67456 Check in for Scholastic Section & Registration for USCF Section: 8:00-8:45 AM Scholastic Section: Registration:

Tournament cost: $7 if pre-registered. On-site registration will be $10. Payment: Make checks out to A. Karpov School of Chess. Format: 6 rounds Swiss, 30 minutes for each player. Three

Sections: K-5, K-8, K-12. Awards: Team trophies each section to top 3 teams. Top 20 medals for each division.

USCF Section: Registration: email to: Floyd Geasland or/and Tournament cost: $10 if pre-registered. On-site registration will be

$14. Payment: Make checks out to A. Karpov School of Chess or cash. Format: 4 rounds Swiss, 45 minutes for each player. Cash prizes: $150 for 1st place, $100 for 2nd place

$100 top under 1800 $100 top under 1500 $100 top under 1200

All cash prizes are based upon 20 cash prize entries. Cash prizes will be raised or lowered in proportion with the number of cash prize entries.


Entry fee:

trophies to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place overall 1st and 2nd place under 1600 1st and 2nd place under 1300 1st and 2nd place under 1000

1st and 2nd unrated, top female player $15 in advance if playing only for trophies

$35 in advance if playing only for cash prizes $45 in advance if playing for both trophies and cash prizes

Memberships: US Chess Federation (USCF) and Kansas Chess Association (KCA) membership is required for all players (other state memberships accepted for non-Kansas residents). Memberships can be purchased during registration. Byes: half point byes available for any round if requested before the start of round 2

No player may request more than 2 half point byes.

Info: Floyd Geasland or/and Anna James Phone/ Cell: 785-227-7555 Lindsborg Open Advance Entry Form

Name ___________________________________________ USCF ID #____________________ entry fee: $15 trophies only

 ___ $35 cash prizes only ___ $45 trophies and cash prizes ___ USCF membership fee: ___ KCA membership fee: $5 

junior ___ $7 adult ___ total:_____ circle round(s) if requesting bye(s): 1 2 3 4 5

e-mail: _______________________________________________________________________

Lindsborg Chess Team Championships, summer camps, chess camp
Karpov Chess School Invitational Team Championships

Karpov School of Chess Team Invitational Championship

Feb. 18, 2017

Team vs. Team competition 

  • Each team consists of four players using the higher of USCF and KSCA ratings.
    • The highest rated player of the team plays Board 1, 2nd highest plays Board 2, 3rd highest plays Board 3, and the 4th player plays Board 4.
    • Each player stays at that board for each round.
  • Teams from the same school district will be protected as much as possible.
  • Schools with greater numbers may split into multiple teams. Such as PVJH-A, PVJH-B, and so on.
  • Each round your team will play a different team using the “team rating” and Swiss format.
    • If a school cannot field a full team, students from a lower grade level school in the district may “play up”. (For example, if Concordia High School only had two players, they could be joined by 2 players from Concordia Middle School.
    •  However, teams cannot be formed by pulling the best players from schools at the same level or from different school districts. (For example, Brooks and PV in USD259 are both middle schools so they may not “join” forces. St. Francis of Assisi-Wichita could not pull players from Christ the King-Topeka)
    • “Borrowed” players from the lower school must play together on the same team. (For example if McPherson High School had 6 players and “borrowed” 2 middle school players. McPherson team A would be 4 high school players and team B would be 2 high school and 2 middle school players.)
    • Home school players living within the same public school district can form a team, but they cannot have someone from a “regular school team” join them. (For example, 3 home schoolers that live within USD 259 could not join with a home schooler from Goddard or a student from The Independent School.)
    • Out of State teams members must live within the same school district and use their USCF or local state rating. These should be included in registration.


  • The team “rating” will be formed by the average of the four players’ ratings.
    • Unrated players will not be counted in the team average.
  • Teams will be paired by the “team rating” using the Swiss round format. (As if the team was an individual.)


5 game Swiss tournament game 60/ 0 delay. (Each game is 60 minutes with no delay)

Registration from 8:00 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. First round starts at 9:15 a.m. (hopefully)



  • Team trophies for the top 3 scoring teams.
  • Individual medals for up to ten teams by the team’s placement.
  • Individual trophies for the highest scoring player playing Board 1, Board 2, Board 3, and Board 4.
  • $100 Scholarship to each player of top 3 scoring teams player, $200 Scholarship to each highest scoring player playing Board 1, Board 2, Board 3, and Board 4 towards 2017 Summer Chess Camp in Karpov School of Chess, Lindsborg, KS.


Location: For registration: Karpov Chess School: 106 S Main St., Lindsborg, KS. Tournament: 112 S Main St.: Senior Center in Lindsborg, Kansas.


Cost:         $28/team if pre-registered, $40/team if registering at the door.


Coaches should register the individuals on the KSCA website and send an e-mail to and


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